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THIS is Robert's story. But it's also much more . . .

As one of the world's top investigators, Warren could not resist Robert's strange allure. He traveled to Key West, Florida, armed with a barrage of scientific instruments and 3-D imaging technology. What he found fascinated millions of people around the world.

In this short, easy-to-read book, you will not only learn the legend of Robert's background, but read personal, eye-witness testimony that has never before been published. Imagine what it was like to sit with Robert, alone, in a dark room, many years ago, and see him move!

In this book, you will follow Robert's journey, from his creation by a voodoo priestess to his celebration in Key West, to his current throne in the Fort East Martello Museum. The 3-D photos bring him to life, right on the page. But you may be most surprised by what Warren found when we examined Robert under special ultraviolet lights. An amazing secret from the past was finally revealed.

You are about to learn why Robert draws huge crowds every year. He may look like a simple doll, but don't play with Robert. He is to be taken seriously.

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Includes the Virtual Wishing Machine YOU can actually USE!

After years of experimentation with thousands of people, Warren has finally created the ultimate Wishing Machine Workbook. He explains how the virtual Wishing Machine works, and then you will use the brand new, up-to-date virtual Wishing Machine included. This is a perfectly-produced design you can print out, and upon which you write your wish. And you can wish for ANYTHING you need!

PLUS, in this electronic version, you can keep it on your phone or computer and project your wishes onto it throughout the day, directly with your mind, whenever you like.

This virtual Wishing Machine is a 100% original creation, designed by Warren based on a plethora of data and many years of experience with radionics. After reading the manual, you place your wish in the middle of the design. Don't believe it can work? We wouldn't be selling it if most people did not get positive results! Get all the details you need with a perfectly-produced design. This is ONLY available through this website--not in bookstores or anywhere else!

YOU can be a Paranormal Investigator right now!

Contrary to what you often see on TV, you don't need tons of money and fancy equipment to document the unknown. Whether you want to study what's happening in your own life, or start an investigation team, you probably have all you need in your house right now. SERIOUSLY. And this Manual tells you how to use it in language simple enough for a 5th grader.

How can this be?

If, for example, 1 percent of the population had $200,000 worth of hi-tech electronic gear, and 10 percent simply knew how to effectively use the tools currently in their home, who do you think would be most valuable for the field of paranormal research? It's that 10 percent! This is because paranormal activity is so rare, widespread and inconsistent that we require a wide net of researchers to be cast. Now you can be a part of that net. Not only will you spend virtually little or no money, but you'll also enjoy taking just 10 mins to build some of the tools. Some people are even throwing "Poor Man Paranormal" parties, getting together with a small group to build research tools! There are tons of ways to use exactly what you have on hand to become an investigator at a time of need. Luckily, these items can be found right in your own home.

In a down economy, the clear, straight-forward, common sense instructions will allow you to flourish as you document the unknown. And if you have young ones, you'll teach them invaluable fundamentals of science as they enjoy working with you on the easy projects.

One night you may wake up to find paranormal activity at your house. You won't have time to order equipment or call a team. You'll need to use exactly what you have on hand.

See why this Manual has been called "The paranormal MacGyver!"

For example:

* Using a phone to capture EVP

* Using balloons & light bulbs to detect electrostatic fields

* Using AM radios to document UFO interference

* Using a flashlight to communicate with "the other side"

* Making footprint casts with what's in your kitchen

* Creating "ghost traps" using a jar and aluminum foil

* Making an EMF meter with a coil of wire and LED

* Toilet paper, balloons, bubbles, flour, a wristwatch, etc, are the simplest tools, opening your window to the beyond!

* Using a necklace to tap into your psychic ability

* Detecting ghosts with a refrigerator magnet and paperclip

This is the most comprehensive book ever written about the mysterious Brown Mountain Lights of Western North Carolina!

For over 100 years, and maybe much longer, weird, multi-colored balls of light have been floating on and around Brown Mountain, North Carolina. They've been investigated at least three times by the U.S. government, and multiple times by private groups. Are they ghosts, visitors from space, inter-dimensional beings, or a profound natural phenomenon? Maybe all of these? And how do they relate to strange lights seen around the world?

You'll learn about the man who says he was abducted by aliens there, and what knowledge they shared with him. And you'll also see why this site may be of great interest to the military, looking for ways to weaponize a powerful force.

In addition to STUNNING photos, you will be entranced as you learn:

1. A complete description of the lights

2. History

3. Legends

4. Geology of the Mountain

5. A variety of theories

6. Info on how & when to observe

7. More!

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Practical Wand Making

You will learn:

a) How to Construct a Simple Wand from Household Materials

b) The Secret "Physical Test" to See if the Wand Works for You

c) How to Use the Wand to Broadcast Your Desires

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